Manglik Dosh  Kundali

Manglik Dosh in Kundali

Mangal Dosh is the most widely recognized Dosha nowadays. The vast majority of the general population doesn’t have much learning about Manglik Dosh, similar to why it happens, how it happens, what are the cures, and so forth.

As we as a whole realize that there are 12 houses and 9 planets in Vedic soothsaying. Planet Mars, otherwise called Kuja in Sanskrit, is the primary planet that reason Mangal Dosha. Mysteriously when planet damages exist in a successive position as in first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, and twelfth place of a man’s Kundali that individual experiences Mangal dosha, otherwise called the Kuja Dosha, Bhom dosha or Angarakha dosha.


•Mangal Dosha is found in the Kundalis of both men & women.
•Person with Mangal dosha has a very volatile temper which can cause a lot of problems in their relationships.
•It can affect a person’s married life, mental stability and can create financial problems.
•If a person has a Mangal dosha in his/her Kundali, then that person must get married to a Manglik to cancel Mangal Dosha Effects.
•But, if a Manglik is born on a Tuesday, then the effect of Mangal dosha is nullified.
Mangal Dosha is very harmful for life unless Manglik Dosha Remedies are followed by the afflicted person.


•1st House: When damages lie in first house which is the place of companion it can specifically influence the wedded life causing pointless mistaken assumptions and clashes between the accomplices. Likewise such individual may experience the ill effects of mental insecurity, strain and outrageous anxiety.

•2ndHouse: When damages lie in second house which is the place of family life, it can make issues in wedded life which may prompt the issues in proficient life as well.

•4th House: When defaces lie in the fourth house, which is the place of vocation, it can have an awful impact on proficient life. Such a man might not have a steady proficient life and will be perhaps exchanging his/her occupation often. Budgetary issues can likewise inconvenience him/her.

•7th House: When defaces lie in 7thhouse such a man is said to have an awful temper, and will most likely be unable to keep up a decent association with his/her relatives.

•8th House: When defaces lie in the eighth house, such a man can likewise experience the ill effects of lethargy and will most likely be unable to keep up a decent association with his/her older folks and wind up losing the fatherly property.

•12th House: When defaces lie in the twelfth house such a man is said to have foes and can endure budgetary and individual misfortunes.

Aghori baba is one of the most dedicated and genuine astrologers in India. He has dedicated his whole life to serve for humanity and to help others. With the blessings of Aghori baba, all the dosh of your life will come to an end. His effective Manglik Dosha Remedies have enables couples to restore their marriage relationships.

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